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The 12 Essential
Content Questions

Stop winging it and start killing it... every time you present.

Writing powerful, persuasive, attention-grabbing (and attention-holding) presentations and speeches is hard. Most presenters struggle to organize their content in a way that leaves listeners moved and inspired.

With this self-paced video course, you’ll learn the secrets of organizing your content in a way that’s optimized for persuasion from an award-winning speechwriter and public speaker.

Once you’re able to answer The 12 Essential Content Questions, you’ll feel more confident and ready for every speaking opportunity that arises.

Features & Format

  • Self-paced

  • 30+ inspiring and instructional videos featuring professional public speaker, speech writer, and delivery coach, Jeff Davenport


  • Includes "The 12 Essential Content Questions" supplementary PDF (editable and for print) to help you prepare for your next speech or presentation

  • One year of access to the course

Agenda & Topics

  • Seeing almost any speech or presentation as a Persuasion Opportunity

  • Understanding your value and why you should be trusted

  • Crafting powerful openings that make listeners sit up and take notice

  • Techniques for re-engaging audiences throughout the presentation

  • Finishing strong with calls to action that are actually acted upon

  • Preparing for pushback



(Optional follow-up live, 1:1 coaching session available at discounted rate)

Lower rates for organizational teams

Are you a

Learning & Development Professional or team leader interested in this for your group of organization?

12 Essential Content Questions
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