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Meet 1:1 with a content and delivery expert to prepare you for that big communication moment on the horizon.

Content Coaching

CONTENT Coaching

Build your lighthouse // What you'll say

Why content coaching?

It can be hard to see the content you're preparing objectively. With Content Coaching, you can have a trained expert review your material and guide you through steps for making it stronger, more memorable, and ultimately so persuasive it moves your audience to action.

What we'll cover

  • Your presentation's Persuasion Direction™—the clear articulation of the guidance you're giving

  • How to better organize your content

  • What to cut and what to keep

  • Crafting an opening that makes your audience put down their phone and lean in

  • Creating a final minute that clearly directs and inspires

  • Spotlighting power stories, key stats, and memorable moments

  • Designing speaker notes that actually work


  • During a 15-minute pre-review call, you'll walk your content coach through your current outline or presentation materials

  • A content coach will review your materials (along with supplemental materials, as needed)

  • The content coach will put together a Feedback & Suggestions document outlining what steps need to be taken to take your presentation to the next level

  • You'll meet with the content coach for an hour Feedback & Suggestion Session where the coach will walk you through the document and help you as you take your next steps


Light your lighthouse // How you'll say it

Why Delivery Coaching?

Everyone wants to become a more clear, confident, and charismatic communicator, but improving on your own is hard. 

When you meet with our expert delivery coach, you'll get one-on-one, real-time feedback on how you're delivering well, how to improve so you get—and hold—your audience's attention, and techniques for being authentic and real, even in high stakes communication moments.

What We'll Cover

  • Delivering so you exude trustworthiness

  • Spotlighting key moments with your voice

  • Visualizing your words with your hands and body so they stick with your audience

  • Using pauses to make audiences lean in and want to listen

  • Tips and tricks for creating better speaker notes

  • Communicating well in both virtual and in-person environments


  • Schedule a one-hour single Delivery Coaching session or select a package of one-hour sessions

  • Be sure to have a section of your content ready to present

  • Meet with your coach for the one-hour session where you will practice, receive feedback, direction, and coaching guidance so you deliver starts to immediately improve

  • Receive a follow-up email summarizing the coach's guidance and how to continue your improvement through practice

Delivery Coaching

COACHING for Founders

Shine bright // Impress potential investors and partners


Pitching to potential investors or partners is hard. Really, really hard.

They're an intimidating bunch.

And a lot is on the line.

With our COACHING FOR FOUNDERS package, you'll get prepped to deliver your pitch in a way that gets you noticed, your business traction, and investors wanting to work with you. 

It's all about being clear, confident, and charismatic. I can help.


  • Video review. Send in a video of you pitching your business and we'll review it, identifying your delivery strengths and areas to improve.

  • One-hour coaching session where you'll practice pitching and receive real-time feedback and correction.

  • Personalized follow-up document prescribing steps to take practice more effectively and prepare for your next pitch


  • $395

  • Additional, follow-up sessions available at reduced rate

  • Invest in your business by improving how you deliver

Coaching for Founders
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